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Fasteners - screws, nuts, bolts and washers – keep together almost any product coming from manufacturing. Even if fasteners cost represents a small percentage of total production costs, their importance is crucial as their required yield in production is almost 100%: if a single fastener fails in fact, the whole production line of a vehicle risks to be compromised and forced to an unpleasant and costly stop.

We at Fiera are fasteners experts and we help our customers to:

Choose the product form our comprehensive catalogue who most appropriately meets the needs for each specific employ, helping designers to take into consideration not only the technical features but also their commercial implications;

Finalize tailored products to meet special requirements in term of durability, size, performance by optimizing the technical project from a supply and logistic point of view too;

Streamline procurement processes of class C items according to the ABC method, the combination of low annual consumption value and number of items;

Avoid any production stop, intervening with flexibility, agility and speed in the management of critical supply situations.

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As per DPCM 10/04/2020, Fiera S.r.l. will start deliveries and incoming acceptance from 20/04/2020.

For any emergency or information, please contact via email your usual contacts in Sales dept.

On last 20/09/2018 the certification process according to IATF16949:2016 have been successfully completed.

Fasteners' strategic role in the production of value for any manufacturing company goes far beyond the simple cost of material purchase: the implications of any defective or non complaint product need to be carefully assessed at the early stage of vendor and strategic partner evaluation, to avoid problems that can sometimes involve costly business recall. And invest in prototypes dramatically reduces the risk of bad surprises in series production.
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