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The qualitative performance of our products and therefore their full compliance with the specifications, together with punctuality of delivery times are two other fundamental pillars of our success and the key to our strategy.

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The full satisfaction of our customers is the goal that guides us in every daily choice. To ensure the effectiveness of the products we provide is essential to have a quality control can verify and certify the compliance between design specifications and final product: our Quality System is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Our automotive experience has led us to develop this system in order to reach ISO / TS 16949, with particular attention to the validation procedures as PPAP (Level 1,2 and 3) and GP11.

The elements shaping the quality of the product include the raw material, the type of processing or production method that is used and finally the type of heat treatment or surface, and for each of these elements there are specific tests that we are able to carry out in-house or through our network of trusted labs: tests can be done based on both statistical sample or automatic optical selection of 100% of the lot.

On request we can be supply: CQC, certificates 3.1B, IMDS, packaging boards and control plans.

Our rigorous procurement protocols include the monitoring of all our supplier performance through an index that is constantly updated with each new interaction: the index takes into account the results of quality tests on each batch received, as well as other commercial and logistical parameters. This index allows us to constantly monitoring the situation with each supplier and arrange for programs to improve performance where is shown a negative trend.

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We regularly supply over 330 different companies in 29 countries: in order to reconcile the lead time required by manufacturers of fasteners (on average 8 weeks) with the forecast shared by our customers (an average of 4 weeks) our logistic flexibility is strategic: it allows us to support our customers even when their material requirements planning (MRP) does not work accurately. We use several tools to practice our flexibility:
• Emergency stocks
• Rotation of the lots
• Custom packaging and labeling
• Exchange of data between information systems (EDI) via web platform
• Items sorting capacity to solve the emergencies of our customers

We can provide a service of pre-assembly and assembly of our products according to customer specifications, also carrying out functional testing and verification.

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