A special item rationalizes the number of items needed, helping to reduce production costs and increase productivity

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Aiming to increase distance between cushion housing and bracket due to specific design, a standard spacer and a standard screw have been designed for the passenger airbag of an MPV application, 4 items each module.
Due to alignment issues of the studs, customer detects problems in successfully completing the assembly operations.

Product Image Fiera Case History
Product Image Fiera Case History

Solution designed by Fiera

Reducing the number of the involved items, the tolerance stackups become more effective, combining in one design the multiple solutions needed to exclude the assembling problems.
Results for the customer
23% cost reduction.
One item eliminated (with related hidden costs).
Quicker assembly operation.

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As per DPCM 10/04/2020, Fiera S.r.l. will start deliveries and incoming acceptance from 20/04/2020.

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On last 20/09/2018 the certification process according to IATF16949:2016 have been successfully completed.

Fasteners' strategic role in the production of value for any manufacturing company goes far beyond the simple cost of material purchase: the implications of any defective or non complaint product need to be carefully assessed at the early stage of vendor and strategic partner evaluation, to avoid problems that can sometimes involve costly business recall. And invest in prototypes dramatically reduces the risk of bad surprises in series production.
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Posted on 03/02/2016

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